Welcome Scout Troop 59 from Allendale

New Jersey. American Legion Post 57 is happy to announce we are a proud sponsor of your charter for your Scout organization. 

Linked below is some historical information about Troop 59 as well as a list of scouts who attained the honor of becoming Eagle Scouts.

Key Troop Information

Troop 59, Allendale, NJ


Weekly Troop Meetings at Archer Hall


Monthly Campouts as scheduled



  • Paul Appelgren (until May 2022)
  • Joe Knutzen (after May 2022)


Assistant Scoutmasters:

  • Joe Knutzen (until May 2022)
  • Mike Asplund
  • Bill Thomas
  • Bliss Chalemian-Thomas


Committee Chair –  Brian Murphy


Treasurer –   Pamela Stock


Committee Members:

  • Charlie Stock (Advancement)
  • Bill Thomas (Advancement)
  • William Murphy (Equipment)
  • Bernadette Geraghty (Summer Camp)
  • Mary Scro (Community Service)
  • Paul Fisher (Community Service)
  • CK Korgaonkar (Life to Eagle)
  • Mike Whalen (Registrar)
  • CJ Perruzzi (Secretary)
  • Mary Berlinger (Activities / Outdoors)
  • John Crisostomo (Activities / Outdoors)